Spring Events: Cyber Glitz and Denver Hospice Mask Project

Just because we haven’t posted in a while doesn’t mean nothing has been happening! This spring I (Lizz) participated in and showed off some costumes for a couple of events.

Cyber Glitz

On March 10, 2012 this “dance-party-technology-fashion-show-circus-extravaganza” was held at the Oriental Theater in Denver. The newly formed Vitruvian Circle event planning organization orchestrated the event which included a variety of performances, one almost every 10 minutes, including a fashion show every 40 minutes. I coordinated the fashion shows and also showed a few of my things during one of them. First, White Lightning (v1.0), Dancing Flames and the Rainbow Raincoat took the 3-tiered stage, followed up by 3 models each wearing and dancing with my belly-dancing skirts with LEDs that flash when the coins touch.

In addition to the fashion shows, I worked with one of the aerial performers, Jasmine, to make a biohazard emblem badge that she wore for her performance. She also wore this again at Apogaea. John’s sound-interactive flowers also made an appearance at Cyber Glitz.

Denver Hospice Mask Project

I teamed up with Borrillo Entertainment (whom I met during Cyber Glitz) to light up some costumes for this charity event held at the Cherry Creek Mall on May 12, 2012. A pair of go-go dancers completed their outfits with a flashing-on-bead contact hip scarf. One of the scarves was a $1 garage sale find, but we wanted two and I wanted to figure out how it was made. So I deciphered the black bead code to make a second one to match, then lit up both with red LEDs encased in a gold seed bead cylinder for added sparkle. The other costume was a giant red flower with red LEDs lighting up the center of the flower (the mask) and strands of beaded LEDs weaved into ivy garlands wrapped around the legs. I had intended to just watch the event but when one of the models was ill, I happily stepped in to model the red flower costume. I have modeled some of my work before and since, but playing the part of a flower, behind a mask, at an event like this was the funnest modeling experience I’ve had so far!

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Fiber Optic Rain

I’m working on an interactive art project that will use the lightning from my last post and also have rain. For the rain, I’m taking fiber optic strands, scraping them in a bunch of places (raindrops) and shining an LED down the top of them. As the light shines down the strand, some illumination occurs down the length of the strand, more at the scraped places, and the most at the bottom. Looking at a small “wall” of these strands should give the impression of rain falling. To turn it on with some control and give a flashing effect, I have 2 pennies hanging by conductive thread; their contacting completes the simple circuit. For the art project I would like to incorporate motion sensors and a microcontroller so that you have to do a “rain dance” to make it rain. I will probably keep the penny-switch idea for the lightning. At last, we will have some control over the weather. 😉

Here is a video of the prototype for the fiber optic rain:

link to video on YouTube

White Lightning

In October I completed my first wearable project with EL wire. Electroluminescent wire is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it.

I have visions in my head of making this part of an art project, where you can “control the weather” interactively through touch, pressure (walking on a surface), or similar means. I decided to make a wearable prototype for the lightning using this black dress I purchased from Goodwill. Two metal coins hang at my side and act as switches completing a circuit, allowing me to control the lightning flashes or let them happen randomly from natural movement.

I wore my prototype to a Halloween event where I had someone film the lightning in action on my iPhone:

link to video on YouTube


Welcome to LEDheaded!

We are just getting things started, but our plan is to offer various wearable LED or EL-wire enhanced clothing, accessories and costumes for sale in the near future.

In the meantime, please visit the gallery for some photos of latest projects, or learn about us.

If you have a project in mind, contact us at liz@lizbaumann.com.